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Anonymous sent: Hey! I'm extremely new to an extremely new guard, like this is our first year, and our first competition is next Saturday. Here is my problem. I can't do a single. I can do a parallel, but not a single. Do you have any tips?

I just had my first competition today! anyways with me I caught on quick so I don’t know but tossing a single took time and practice. It’s not really an overnight kind of thing but what helped me was to make my cones a bit bigger, using more force, and practicing the prep (Like I would bring the flag up but not release it) Hope that helps!

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I normally dont do this but this guy is an amazing teacher. any help is appreciated!

Anonymous sent: Are you in guard currently and if so what is your show theme?

yea we’re in winterguard and my show theme is bullying this year. as for marching band our new bd isn’t even gonna worry about that until after MPAs

thosedisneymovies1893 sent: Do you ever think about how absolutely overly friendly a sport guard is ? Foot ball guys are like we gonna cream you!! And at our competitions complete strangers go wow that routine was flawless, that girl who dropped she totally had it, your routine was the shit, Etc.

That’s actually what I love about the sport! everyone is so friendly (for the most part)

Anonymous sent: I want to join a Drum corps the year I graduate High School (2016) but I have no idea how to sign up, try out, or even get a hold of my own personal flag to practice with off season. Can you help? Like resources or something. Please and thank you.

Hey were in the same year (Go class of 2016! woooo!!!!!!!!!!). Anyways to sign up for  a drum corps you generally have to go to their website and usually you can find it there. For example phantom regiment literally has a section under about us called how to join. When you find said page usually there’s a packet of some sort that you have to fill out and mail in (sometimes with a picture) and they give you dates for auditions and the state. to try out you either have to go to the state their holding it in or see if they have any convenience auditions (which they don’t always have for guard depending on the corps). As for resources like flags, you can either ask if you can sign a flag out and take it home with you and bring it back (our guard does this) or you can order a flag pole with weights, silk, and the crutch tips.  I like bandshoppe . com they have pretty good prices. and then for like things to learn you can always ask a vet or go on youtube.  

Good Luck!

Any other advice guys (I don’t know as much about drum corps so I’m doing the best I can to help)?

So this year we’re doing one show (not enough time for two) and the theme is bullying. This is the song we’re using though. Hope it turns out well!

Disney creates a romantic animated short about finding love.


this is honestly the cutest thing ever



It is with a heavy heart that I’m asking for everyone’s help. I absolutely MUST find a new home for Leo by this weekend, or I will be forced to surrender him to Animal Control. I have called all the safe animal shelters and rescue organizations - still waiting to hear…

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